8 Luxury Travel Influencers You Need To Be Following In 2020

Life doesn’t get much better than as a luxury travel influencer. Offered free trips to the world’s most exclusive destinations and with hordes of adoring followers, we look to them to provide a bit of indulgent travel inspiration. With new influencers joining the scene all the time, we’ve scoured Instagram for the hottest accounts to follow in 2020. From chartering a yacht in Greece to reclining in a rose petal bath in Bali, prepare for some serious wanderlust.

The Top Luxury Travel Influencers Of 2020

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This day was simply too special to put into words. I have tried for the last hour and all I can say is I’m so grateful for the chance to live a life of full participation. Of curiosity and possibility and unabated appreciation. – I feel like I’m finally finding a rhythm to my life, actively listening to my intuition. Perhaps it’s fleeting the way high and lows and synchronicity always seems to be 🙂 Maybe I will always have a hard time finding the right words. Either way, what I do know is this: the small song in my head has become a symphony and now, no matter what what path I’m on I will always know the difference. #happyheart – Photo by @nolanomura #gratitudegrowshere #freedive #hawaii – Please always be respectful in any interactions with wildlife. You do not need to chase or touch any creature, patience????

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Chelsea Yamase
Insta handle: chelseakauai
Followers: 888k
This Hawaii-based influencer curates a captivating, wholesome, but still very much luxury feed, combining stunning underwater shots, windswept exploring (complete with beautiful flowing dresses, of course) and luscious nature. Every image shows the world at its most beautiful. Following her will inspire you to travel to far-flung corners that you may not have previously considered.

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“Catch me if you can” — Fall, 2019 ????

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Tara Whiteman
Insta handle: taramilktea
Followers: 1.3m
Elegance reaches new heights with Tara Milk Tea’s feed. A passionate photographer who turned a hobby into a career as a top luxury travel influencer, Tara hails from Sydney but has visited over 30 countries, all of which are documented in her inspirational feed. A mixture of high-fashion and ultra-aesthetic destination shots, you won’t be able to stop scrolling.

Aggie Lal
Insta handle: aggie
Followers: 846k
Aggie is seriously glam – the luxury travel influencer we all wish we could be. She has lived all over the world and embraces everything exclusive. Catch her on a yacht charter in Rhodes one day, and frolicking with pigs in the Bahamas the next. Her snaps offer the perfect balance between beachy scenes and vibrant cities, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Cameron Lee
Insta handle: Thecameronlee
Followers: 49k
This Insta-hotshot stays is lucky enough to stay at the world’s finest hotels on a regular basis. Luckily, he keeps his near 50k (and quickly rising!) followers up to date with his adventures, meaning we can at least pretend we’re staying there with him. Cameron’s feed is highly-polished and offers the very best of city life, from Paris to Beverly Hills, with the occasional luxury cruise thrown in. We can’t get enough!

Lee Litumbe
Insta handle: Spiritedpursuit
Followers: 166k
Lee’s feed is a little different to her fellow luxury travel influencers, and all the better for it. Her Instagram documents her adventures around Africa, from her hometown of Cameroon to Zanzibar and Senegal, splashed with bright colours that will transport you straight there. Think exotic fruits, luscious greenery and captivating wildlife shots.

Insta handle: Girlborntotravel
Followers: 214k
This French blogger and top luxury travel influencer grew up with a camera in her hand, and has been travelling ever since she turned 18. With more than 45 countries under her belt, her feed makes for amazing inspo whether you want to explore Russia’s St Petersburg or the Italian Dolomites. Approachable yet luxe, her captions are down to earth while her snaps will make you seriously envious.

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“The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage.” ???? We definitely were super brave (or maybe slightly stupid ????) for taking our shirts off when it was freezing outside ???? We definitely were brave to continue to shoot while everyone was staring at us and probably judging us ???? But do you know what? Who cares what other people think? Let them look, let them laugh, let them gossip… We will continue to find our freedom and to live life the way it makes us happy ???????? do you usually stop and stare when other people are taking pictures? Be honest ✄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄ #utahisrad #igutah #utahgram #wowutah #visittheusa #roadtrip #roadtripusa #explorerssauruspresets #wanderlust #adventuretime #traveladdict #postcardplaces

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Raquel & Miguel
Insta handle: Explorerssaurus
Followers: 703k
Not the account to follow is you are going through a break-up, but for all the romantics out there Raquel and Miguel are perfect. This attractive couple are originally from Portugal, but committed to the influencer life full time in January 2019, booking a one-way ticket to India. Expect loved-up shots all around the world, with truly beautiful locations as the backdrop to their romance.

Claudia Padgett
Insta handle: zeebalife
Followers: 318k
The last of the top luxury travel influencers on our list, Claudia Padgett has partnered with some of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands, from the Ritz Carlton to Shangri-La. The name Zeebalife comes from zeeba meaning beautiful in Persian, the native language of Claudia’s husband, and the feed is designed to show that beauty can be found everywhere. Whether she’s soaking up the sun on a boat in the Maldives, or relaxing in a hot tub surrounded by snow in Finland, she delivers infectious positive vibes.

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