Must-Have Designer Accessories You Need in 2020

High-end designers are renowned for their classic and timeless pieces that last for many seasons. These investment pieces are a great way to update your closet and keep it looking fresh for years to come. It can be challenging to know where to start when it comes to buying those all-important fashion pieces, so check out this handy guide to give you some insight into the classic pieces that everyone needs in their wardrobe this year.

Statement belt :
Belts are the ultimate function and fashion piece, and your closet should never be without at least one. They bring an outfit together, and of course, hold up your favorite jeans. However, choosing one that goes with everything is the important part. Opt for classic designs and colors that pair with other shades in your wardrobe. Black and tan are top choices, plus dark brown and beige can also work well. The belt’s hardware is also a key factor. To make it work with all your outfits, keep it simple and chic. A great example of this is the influencer’s favorite Gucci belt. Its simple logo design is understated yet packs a punch when matched with everyday outfits.

Stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses :
Glasses frame your face and provide a stylish look to your overall outfit. Keeping the design simple can help to elevate your look with understated elegance. You could also opt for bolder designs to make simpler outfits pop. Designer looks are also a great way to add interest to your style, and this Burberry glasses collection shows you how different frames can work with your entire look.

Designer handbags :
Much like the subtle presence of a designer belt in your style, a statement handbag also has this alluring effect. Opting for a well-known classic in your closet has the power to transform your look and creates an ultimate chic vibe. There are so many beautiful handbags to choose from, including the iconic Bottega Veneta Pouch and the Dior Saddlebag. A statement handbag is something that you can keep for years, and it never goes out of fashion.

Classic watch :
Another designer addition to your accessories collection should be a classic watch. These statement pieces complement your overall look and pair beautifully with other jewelry items. Much like your other designer accessories, choosing a classic style is a great way to complement other detailing in your look. Excellent examples are traditional timepieces with black, tan, or white leather straps. Gold faces and hardware are also a big trend for 2020 and pair beautifully with delicate bracelets. Designer watches are a popular gift choice for a loved one too.

Traditional jewelry :
To complete your designer accessories collection, adding some jewelry to the mix is the perfect option. Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings never go out of fashion and add those little touches to both casual and formal attire. If you’re looking for some classic choices from your favorites, Fendi, Gucci, and Chanel have exquisite collections that radiate chic Parisian vibes.

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