How to Have a Sustainable Luxury Holiday

There is no reason to say goodbye to foreign holidays to travel sustainably. All you need to do is to be more mindful of your actions when venturing to different destinations across the globe.

If you want to protect the environment while supporting a local community, you should aim to embrace sustainability during your next getaway.
Read the below advice on how to have a sustainable, luxury holiday abroad.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Aeroplanes are, unfortunately, a major polluter to the environment, as one flight can produce a considerable amount of carbon dioxide. If you want to protect the environment as much as possible when heading off on holiday with your loved ones, you will be happy to know that there are various ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.

For example, you could choose a short-haul flight that is under 500km, or you could select an airline that offers a more energy-efficient aircraft or a higher occupancy.

Choose a Sustainable Destination Overseas
While many destinations don’t think twice about the impact their hotels, restaurants, and attractions will have on the environment, there are various locations across the globe that are dedicated to responsible travel.

For example, Lanzarote became a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1993 and has been committed to safeguarding its natural environment for many decades. It is an ideal spot for those who want to embrace sustainable, yet still luxurious travel, which is why you would be smart to book one of the many luxury villas in Lanzarote to enjoy plenty of sun, sea, and sand with your nearest and dearest.

In comparison to staying in a hotel, you can minimise water usage and food waste by self-catering, and dispose of your waste properly. Rather than having a fresh towel every day, you can reuse it just like you would do at home. These little aspects of going on holiday will make a difference in how sustainable you are.

Pack as Light as Possible
Avoid weighing an aeroplane down by packing a light suitcase, which could help to decrease the amount of fuel the aircraft will need to use in the skies. You should write a list of essential items you will need and scrap any products you might not use during a holiday.

For example, do you need a hairdryer or will there be one available at your luxury villa or hotel? It will also prevent you from feeling weighed down as you travel to and from an airport.

Hop onto a Train Over a Plane
If, however, you want to avoid flights altogether, taking the train can be an eco-friendlier alternative. It can be an effective tactic for lowering your carbon footprint, and you will not need to endure lengthy security checks or flight delays, which could tarnish your trip.

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Plus, you could spot many beautiful sights along the way to your chosen destination, which could enhance your travel experience.

Select the Right Sunscreen to Protect Marine Life
It has been estimated that between 6,000 to 14,000 tons of suncream will wash off holidaymakers when in the water each year, which can sadly bleach and destroy coral reefs.

The biggest cause of the problem is oxybenzone, which is a UV filtering ingredient you can find in many sun lotions. Products that contain octinoxate and butylparaben can also negatively impact marine life.

It is, therefore, important to check the ingredients on a suncream before you buy, so you can ethically care for your skin while soaking up the summer sun on a beautiful beach.

Shop Locally
Provide much-needed support to a community by shopping locally over opting for products made overseas. For example, you could purchase travel mementos and souvenirs that are handmade by locals. This also applies to the food you purchase too, why not try some of the local delicacy they have on offer rather than big brands you recognise from home?

It might also be beneficial to hire a tour guide to learn more about the area you are trying to support during your holiday.

Share Your Experience
To encourage others to embrace responsible travel, you should spread the word of your trip once you arrive back home.

For example, you could promote the benefits of sustainable travel on your social media accounts, and you could even tag the accommodation providers, tour operators or travel services that helped you to enjoy an eco-friendly yet luxurious trip.

Your tips and insight could encourage others to follow in your footsteps, which could help to support the environment. You could even launch a blog to showcase the most sustainable destinations on the planet and the different ways you attempt to decrease your carbon footprint, which could help others to develop an environmentally-friendly mindset when travelling to different corners of the globe.

Sustainable travel doesn’t need to be difficult, and you will not be restricted when travelling to various destinations overseas.

A few tweaks and changes to your holiday habits could make a positive difference to the environment, and it will not need to come at the cost of your enjoyment during a getaway with your family and friends.

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