Lighting Fashion Runway with LEDs

Lighting is not the first thing that comes to the mind when someone thinks of a fashion show. The glitz, glamour and the perked-up models take all the attention away from the most critical aspect of a fashion show – lighting. It can make or break a show and plays an integral role in the success of any fashion event. A careful balance of LED spotlights and floodlights gives the runway a theatrical appeal and makes it visually appealing.

Runway lighting is nothing less than an art and clubbing this art with LEDs will only increase the audience engagement while highlighting each garment presented beautifully.

Why is Runway Lighting Such a Big Business?
Apparels – the star of any fashion show should be projected to the audience with perfection. From choosing the right model to highlighting the features and the design with the right light, everything should be more than perfect. Bad lighting can change the look and feel of the apparels and can be catastrophic for the designer who invested months of their life to make the designs reach the stage. Thus, creating a fashion event that meets all the goals of the designer and makes the audience go ‘wow’ is essential.

How Light Plays a Key Role in Marking the Success of Any Fashion Show

The Show Stopper
As stated above, the star of any fashion show are the clothes projected to and for the audience. When the ambiance is lit perfectly, the design and intricate details of the garment are captured well in the audiences’ eyes and the mission of the designer is achieved. Making the models stand out is vital for the perfect fashion show runways.

The Media
With the advent of the internet, photography has become a key element in the runway business. The light should be such that each picture clicked is as clear and crisp as possible. The light needs to be thought of from the advertising point of view and needs to be geared up in a way that it makes the apparels more pronounced.

The Atmosphere
The visual feel, appearance and the overall tonality of any fashion show play a vital role in writing its success story. LED lights when used creatively to illuminate different parts of the ramp and also match the theme of the collection, have the power to make the atmosphere aesthetically pleasing. In addition, LED lights are available in a variety of colour temperature and can be easily used to influence the audiences’ mood and in making the show a hit.

Top Tips to Light a Fashion Runway Successfully with LED Lights
– To make the fashion runway look like it’s straight from Paris or Milan, playing right with the colour temperature can steal the show. The lighting designer should keep in mind that each hue of the garment stands out with perfection.

– Even distribution of the light throughout the runway will efficiently bring out the finer details of the show. Plus, it will make photography a breeze. Furthermore, even distribution of light will keep the setting away from hot (too bright light) and cold spots (too shadowed light).

– Colour temperature is another aspect that the lighting designers need to keep in mind. The wrong colour temperature can change the look and tone of the garments on display. The temperature should neither be too blue or yellow.

– Last but not the least, consulting the designer to get an exact idea of the theme in mind will help in enhancing the look of the garments. Designers usually have an overall image and vision in mind, and if the lighting matches the thought of the designer, nothing better than that.

Final Words!
Lighting undeniably plays an important role in marking the success of any runway show, yet it is the most underappreciated. It binds the entire ramp act together and expresses the emotions of the designer. Top names in the lighting industry like Wipro Lighting, have a wide range of state-of-the-art LED spotlights, floodlights and dimmers that can be used in a variety of productions including fashion runways.

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