Home Office Tips and Tricks: How to Decorate Your Space

Statistically, we spend just over 13 years of our life at work. While this may initially seem startling, it is one of the main reasons why your home office has to be decorated efficiently. Having a home office that increases productivity, enhances skills and drastically encourages you to do well, then that’s all you need to succeed.

You don’t sit at your desk all day, but the majority of your time is occupied by a tiny section of your office. Why not decorate it how you wish? You can’t change everything about where or how you work, but you can improve how happy you are when you’re working. This is mainly done by changing your surroundings. The tips and tricks below cover how to decorate your space while you work from home. It can be a difficult job, decorating to your taste, but the more you know, the more likely you are to love it.

Keep your décor minimal
Not only is minimalist design on-trend, but it also means you can add some personal touches to your office space. You’re more productive when you’re in a room that is bright and fresh, which is why you should keep any furniture or decoration to a minimum. If you’re looking for inspiration, properties offered by RW Invest follow a minimalistic design structure. White walls and wooden flooring are included in all their developments, and their furniture is always kept to a minimum. Any remote worker looking for some inspiration should take a look and see if they prefer this design over what they have pictured in their head.

Add greenery
The benefits of decorating your office space with plants are endless. The effects of keeping plants growing in your working space are becoming better known as the years continue. Psychological studies have shown that having plants around, improve our health in multiple ways. They also improve the air quality around us as well as reducing stress levels and increasing our productivity. It’s no surprise that most office spaces include plants or have many plants dotted around. Therefore, if you’re someone looking to add something special to your working area, a plant may be your answer.

Let there be plenty of light
Lighting is a mood changer in every aspect of life. Having bright lights can completely change the atmosphere of your office space, and the wrong lighting choice could severely impact your productivity. If you’re working from home and are unsure of which room to make your office, just consider the importance of natural light. Taking advantage of daylight hours and getting light into your workspace is beneficial in many ways. However, if you don’t have a wide variety of options, it may be worth investing in a desk lamp. Luckily, you can purchase a lightbulb that replicates the effects of sunlight, which will ensure you get the work done you need too.

Try colourful stationery
You may want to keep your décor minimal and plain, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t spruce up your home office with some colourful stationery. Colours make us feel better and incorporating them into our home office can be a great way to motivate us. Blue is a colour that can calm and stabilise our mood, plus it can help you remain focused on a task. Also, red gives us energy and can motivate us to work fast and carry on. Simply adding some colours into our workspace can change up how we feel when entering the room, ready for the working day ahead.

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