Why You Should Start Frequenting Your Nearest Independent Pharmacy

Developments in mobile pharmacy POS software are providing an impressive upgrade to the usual customer experience. Remember those long wait times to get your prescription filled? This could become a thing of the past. Today, go to an independent pharmacy that has this software and you can expect efficient service.

But first, an explanation of some of these terms. What is point of sale software? Point of sale software, POS for short, typically refers to how customers checkout and pay for their items. Prices are tagged to each product by means of a code which is scanned when the cashier processes a sale. Mobile point of sale systems allow checkout to occur at other places within a store, not necessarily at a traditional checkout stand.

Here are some fantastic ways that pharmacies with this software are making themselves an attractive option:

1. Curbside convenience.
Mobile POS devices mean that staff are not limited to the confines of the pharmacy building to ring up a sale. This means that, technically, you could pull up to the curb, and they could come out to you to process your prescription. There are plenty of us who would appreciate this convenience, but also those who need it. For seniors, and those who are handicapped, not having to get in and out of a car can make their pharmacy experience a better one. Pharmacies with mobile POS that are taking full advantage of their software will be implementing this strategy.

2. At home delivery.
Again, not being tied to a counter to process a sale means that they can deliver your prescriptions right to your door. For many of us, that moment when we need prescriptions is usually at a time we least feel like leaving our house. For those who are temporarily bed-ridden as well, this option is welcomed with open arms. This alone could make you a loyal customer of independent pharmacies using mobile POS systems.

3. Where more knowledge is better.
Do you take more than one medication? Many adults in the US do, and the number taking 5 or more at a time is growing. In this case, what you do not know could hurt you. For anyone who takes more than one prescription at a time, you could be in danger of drug-induced nutrient depletion. This condition can be hard to spot by prescribing physicians. it occurs when a prescribed drug or combination of drugs depletes essential nutrients from your body. Certain POS systems, such as Ortho Molecular Products’ Digital Replete Program, can help you stay safe. Pharmacists using such software can be alerted if the combination of your current prescriptions put you at risk. And can suggest vitamin supplements to you that will keep you healthy.

4. Consultations on the go.
Ever wandered a pharmacy aisle, trying to pick out the right medicine for yourself? You know that moment where you aren’t sure of what to pick, as your symptoms are clouding your brain from thinking clearly? And to add to all this, you hate going up to the guy behind the counter when there is a line behind you and all eyes are on you… So you stare at the rows of bottled pills, hoping one will jump out at you…

Good news. Independent pharmacies operate differently. If they see you looking a bit lost, with eyes glazed over, trained individuals can step in and help right away. And with their mobile POS, they can ring up the sale right in the aisle. You can be in an out of that pharmacy in a matter of minutes. No more awkward attempts at explaining your symptoms as those behind you listen in.

Advances in technology like this mobile POS system make going to the pharmacy a less stressful affair. It kind of makes one wish that all pharmacies everywhere used such systems.

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