The 4 Best Tools for Your Fashion and Beauty Instagram

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to share information (and your love for) fashion and beauty. Images play integral roles on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more, but pictures are at the core of Instagram—and when it comes to fashion, people need to see it, not just read about it.

However, Instagram is saturated with abundant style and beauty related accounts. Some compete against each other with the same kind of content, some are bold and entice platform users with unusual material, and others are more strategic about finding a niche audience and appealing to them. So how are you supposed to show people that your fashion and beauty account has more to offer than the average one does? With the help of these useful resources, you won’t have to flounder in the ocean of fashion Instagram.

Magic Social
Planning an executing an effective social media strategy is a talent in its own right. If you are on Instagram because you love your subject matter but do not really understand how to play the social media game (how do you know who are the right people to follow? How do you know how often to post, and at what times? How can you connect with influencers?), the Magic Social Instagram service can take care of those details for you.

With Magic Social, you get to continue posting, but you hand over the other aspects of account management to a resident growth expert. Your new Instagram partner uses smart filters to target the right audience for you, working to expand your reach and improve your engagement levels organically. All they need from you is an idea of what your goals are (such as brand awareness or increasing sales), and you get to sit back and enjoy posting about the topics you love.

Afterlight 2
Photoshop is a powerful tool, but Afterlight 2 for iOS and Android is arguably more straightforward to use. You can add filters, experiment with textures, and adjust the lighting in your pictures to create the most dynamic and exciting images possible.

Photography is everything when it comes to fashion and beauty—would people follow you if you provided makeup tips, but never showed what the results looked like on a human face? Would people take your word for it that a scarf you are describing is beautiful without seeing it complimenting an entire outfit? Probably not, so Afterlight is advantageous for creating stunning pictures, even if you do not consider yourself a photographer.

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When fashion lovers browse Instagram, they might see one of your posts included in a hashtag search. Intrigued, they click on the picture and then progress to your profile to see what other kinds of content you post. If they believe your content is worth keeping up with, they’ll click the “follow” button—and if not, they’ll move on. Because of this habit, it is not enough to have a series of enticing pictures—your images need to work together and compose an aesthetically pleasing general feed.

With Plann, you can see what your photos will look like when they are juxtaposed. You might have an image of a man wearing a beautiful red scarf and a picture of a woman in a well-tailored green business suit, but if you post them consecutively, it will clash on your feed. A lot of effort goes into planning your content, so remember to plan your visuals in relation to one another.

Social Rank
Social media is a pain when it becomes a game of trial-and-error, attempting to judge for yourself what practices and content types work better than others. Growing your Instagram presence necessitates becoming as familiar as you can with your audience: what kinds of colors do they like? Where do they live (which will influence cultural and seasonal preferences)? When you decipher what type of content they engage with most often, you can adjust your social media campaign to their tastes more.

With Social Rank, you can find valuable insights into what your followers (and potential followers) want to see more of. You can look at the most popular keywords amongst their posts and bios and filter. If you’re going to connect with influencers for local marketing, you can even filter people by location to find individuals you might want to cultivate a relationship with. When it comes to social media analytics, hard data is essential, but you also want to know the ins and outs of your audience’s behavioral patterns.

Instagram is the perfect place to showcase clothes, makeup, accessories, and other related topics. What tools will you use to optimize your fashion and beauty account?

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