4 Nonsurgical Plastic Surgery Options for Moms

When a woman gets pregnant, this process can take a physical toll on her body. Her skin may become looser and saggier, and there might be areas that won’t get any smaller, despite healthy nutrition and regular exercise. Nursing can also change the shape and size of the breasts. Mommy makeovers are becoming more popular, but most moms simply don’t have the time to take six weeks to recover. Instead of going under the knife, consider one of these nonsurgical options to transform the way you look and feel.

Laser Treatment
After you give birth, you may notice stretch marks that occur as your body stretches to accommodate the growing life within your womb, acne that often comes along with the hormones, and dilated leg veins that occur as a result of the increased pressure on your lower limbs. The Ellipse MultiFlex+ system combines laser therapy with Selective Waveband Technology and can treat all of these problems in a single session. It uses low energy levels and focuses on the trouble areas, leading to reduced pain and no necessary down time.

When your skin stretches rapidly over a nine-month period, it often won’t snap back to its pre-baby state. When moms look at their bodies in the mirror, they might see loose, sagging skin that is bothersome, yet won’t go away no matter what type of exercise or healthy diet they try. If this applies to you, consider a ThermiLift treatment. This procedure requires minimal to no downtime and offers a short recovery period. It helps to melt fat deposits and tighten loose skin. A tiny probe transmits heat into the problem area, leading to targeting and lifting of the affected tissues.

After giving birth, you may also notice that your vaginal area is loose and sagging. Moms also frequently experience mild to moderate stress incontinence, decreased sensitivity, and laxity. ThermiVa is the only temperature-controlled treatment option that tightens both the external and internal vaginal areas in a non-invasive way. You won’t have to be put under anesthesia or even use any numbing creams or medications. Dr. Honrado offers this treatment, which can be done in his office over a three-month period. He has extensive experience in the medical field.

Skin Resurfacing and Hair Removal
Following pregnancy, many women complain about increased acne, scars left behind from skin trouble, and more hair growth in new areas. These problems come as a result of changing and increased hormone levels in the body, and may improve after giving birth. However, nursing and postpartum changes can keep the hormones flowing, which means you may not notice an improvement for quite some time. Laser skin resurfacing options can treat acne scars and improve the appearance of facial skin while laser hair removal can decrease growth and help you feel more confident.

When it comes to improving the way you look and feel, consider these nonsurgical options to change your body without having to give up time with your family or sacrifice your work commitments.

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