Tips and Hacks to Help You Feel and Look Incredible on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be a special day that you remember for the rest of your life for all the right reasons. You don’t want to remember everything that went wrong or how stressed you felt; you want to remember how beautiful everything was, how happy you were, and how incredible you felt throughout the events of the day. Despite all of the preparation and planning that goes into a wedding, though, 76 percent of couples report that there are things they would have done differently, and 43 percent report that there are things they flat out regret. While 90 percent agree that the good outweighed the bad, the percentage of couples who felt that things didn’t completely go their way is higher than you might expect.

During the wedding planning process, engaged couples reported that both the wedding day attire, (i.e., dress, suit/tux, and accessories), as well as hair and makeup, were among the top 10 wedding elements that were most important when it came to their wedding day. Yet, many brides, (and even grooms), will often tell you that they didn’t feel or look their best—even if they spent an average of 30 to 45 minutes on hair, plus extra time for makeup, as recommended by experts.

Between lack of sleep and schedule delays, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel less-than-perfect when the big day rolls around. While there’s no way to guarantee that everything will be perfect on your wedding day or that you won’t wish you would’ve done one or two things differently, feeling and looking incredible is something you deserve, and the following tips and hacks can help you achieve just that:

Take Some Melatonin
Many brides and grooms have a hard time sleeping the night before their wedding day. The excitement (and sometimes anxiety) of the events to come make it difficult to relax enough to fall asleep and sleep soundly through the night. Unfortunately, poor sleep or the lack of sleep can have some negative side effects including grouchiness, tiredness, and baggy eyes. While you might not want to take something heavy and risk oversleeping, taking melatonin, (a natural sleep aid), can help you get a better nights’ rest than you might otherwise have and help you feel great the next day.

Brew Some Black Tea
You can sneak a few sips, but the black tea you’ll be brewing isn’t for drinking. If you weren’t able to sleep well the night before or feel like you can’t get the bags under your eyes to go away, then black tea is the solution you need. By brewing black tea and then putting it in the fridge to cool down, then applying it under your eyes with a cotton compress, you’ll be able to reduce the swollen and discolored appearance of bags under your eyes, helping you look and feel more confident on your big day.

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Shop for Your Dress Online
While you may need to visit a few stores to try on different dress styles and get an idea about what you like, shopping for your dress online can help you feel and look incredible on your wedding day. Not only will you be able to find the perfect dress among the simple Azazie plus size collection (or another collection by your favorite designer), but you’ll save yourself time and stress, helping you relax and focus on other things that need to be done to get everything ready for the “I do’s.”

A dehydrated body can cause serious problems. From giving you something as simple as a headache that can affect you throughout the events of the day, to making you so sick you have to go to the hospital, it’s important that you avoid dehydration. In contrast, being properly hydrated can help you feel and look amazing, giving you great skin and hair, helping with energy and body function, and keeping you feeling your best throughout the long day you have ahead.

Get a Workout In
While you may not have time to go to the gym or take a full yoga class the morning of your wedding, going for a quick run or doing a small workout in your room before you start getting ready can help you boost your energy levels, increase endorphins, and get your blood flowing. Even just a 10-minute workout can help you start the day off well, helping you feel and therefore look incredible as you go about your wedding day.

Compliment Yourself
Positive self-talk is extremely powerful, but people don’t seem to practice it enough. Whether you do or don’t, standing in front of the mirror and complimenting yourself on your wedding day can not only improve your thought process, but it can help you feel better as well, portraying confidence and happiness that can show through on your face. Compliment your dress, your tux, your hair, your choice in partner, and anything else you can think of—you deserve the praise, and it will help you feel better all day long.

Shoot Your Intended a Few Flirty Texts
Who doesn’t love flirting? Flirting can boost your mood right away and help you feel more confident. Even though you’re getting married soon and shouldn’t be flirting with other people, you can still flirt the day away with your sweetheart. When you get up in the morning, send them a flirtatious text and see if you can keep it going all the way until it’s time to shut your phones off and head down the aisle.

What other tips do you have that help you feel and look incredible?

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