JetClass-GlobeAir collaborate to provide reasonable seats on chartered flights

I have always dreamt of flying private – of course a bit of hesitation sets in when a seat on a chartered flight costs a colossal sum of money. Enter JetClass; an extraordinary and out-of-the-box service that has garnered some serious attention. For one, you can buy a seat on a private jet for a business class fare. This trend has seen an interesting swell primarily due to the downward spiral of business class flights, mainly in Europe.

JetClass has tied up with GlobeAir, a leading European private jet charter operator in an intriguing collaboration to roll out this service. GlobeAir started almost a decade ago with its Air Taxi services and boasts the world’s largest fleet of modern Cessna Citation Mustang jets. What’s their USP? Well – to begin with they ensure direct access to airports typically inaccessible to commercial airlines.

Undoubtedly so the main advantage for JetClass clientele is the hurdle of lengthy queues in airports and the inconvenience associated with traditional business flight services. And of course, flights will be more affordable.

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Bernhard Fragner, CEO of GlobeAir, comments: “We are seizing this opportunity to reach out to a wider audience of charter customers by partnering with JetClass. Their revolutionary business model is reinventing the way travellers connect with the private jet industry, easing the way the modern traveller flies in Europe.”

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