The magical styling of the 90’s

The one particular aesthetic we`re going to talk about now, the 90s one, can be as diverse as well as very specific and hence wondrous and beautiful. There is a corpus of films – mostly released between 1992 and 1996 – that share a similar tone, a vibe. They were able to catch the mood of the decade. Some were small successes, while others became cult classics. Pulp Fiction, Clerks, Clueless, Home Alone, Titanic, Chasing Amy and many more are all time-capsule movies that can be taken as a depiction of what the 1990s were like and it`s representative. They all managed to catch the Nineties aesthetic in some, actually accurate, way. The Stranger Things for one is the perfect example of a cultural and aesthetic essence of a particular decade.

Retro and for some very nostalgic vibes of Vaporwave, Grungeweird, Nostalgiacore and, especially, Barbiecore are full of 90s aesthetic and overall feeling of this cool era. A great deal of iconic cartoon and anime series, like Hey, Arnold, Sailor Moon, The Powerpuff Girls or Daria also capture the vibe of a decade. The famous and loved by many journals with collectable stickers are the outstanding trait of an epoch. Here we can list some perfect features describing these aesthetics, from make-up to accessories and outfits. Dramatic pink makeup, plastic hairclips and jewellery, printed baby tees or crop tops, plenty of grunge fashion elements and all in all grids, lines, and forms with crisp and clean edges. Plaid, striped, colour-block, pastel, rainbow, polka dot and many more are all the basic yet very trendy and stylish patterns. Together with colourful prints, textures and various forms of clothing items, these can create highly fashionable compositions within the 90s aesthetic.

Combining different, often incompatible and mismatched, textures in 90s aesthetic can be very promising and appropriate. Flannel and glittery gloss, faux feathers and washed denim, silk and rough leather. There are some iconic and most common and very popular outfit examples: colourful windbreakers with mom jeans, oversized denim jacket with colour-block leggings or even fancy faux fur coat with a mini skirt. Considering accessories there are plenty of options to pick from. Colourful sunglasses with plastic frame, cute crossbody bags, huge earrings, omnipresent scrunchies or even metal chains.