How To Find Your Best Fit Footwear

Looking for new shoes can be a long and frustrating process. Even though you may know your size, not all brands make their shoes the same, which makes you have to try on more shoes. Not only that, but also sometimes different styles of the same shoe brand fit differently, so that’s another thing you have to keep in mind when shopping.

There’s a big difference between the fit of an open-toed shoe and a close-toed shoe too. Here are some helpful hints to find your best fit in both types of shoes for either type.

Close-toed shoes can be anything from a tennis shoe to a high heel. Regardless of the type of shoe you’re looking for, the factors to keep in mind are all the same.

Size: Make sure to measure your foot before trying on any shoes. The best way to do that is by using the scales that stores provide. Sizes can slightly vary depending on the brand, so be sure to try on a few different ones (usually within a half size up or down).

Width: Different brands and styles of shoes can sometimes come in different widths as well. For example, Nike shoes are known for being narrow, while NewBalance is known for being wide. You can also gauge the width of your foot by how it fits onto the scale when you’re measuring the length of your foot.

Toe box: This is the front part of the shoe where your toes are. Getting the measurement of your toe box correct is one of the most important things to measure. If it’s too small, your toenails can get bruised and won’t grow correctly. This can cause ingrown toenails, as well as both short and long-term problems. On the other hand, if the tox box is too big, walking will be uncomfortable. This too can cause permanent damage to your feet if left alone for too long.

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The best way to make sure that your toe box is the right size is to measure with your thumb. This ‘rule of thumb’ means that from the very front of your shoe to your big toe, there should be a thumbnail’s length.

Unlike close-toed shoes, finding a great fitting open-toed shoe is much easier. Instead of needing to measure the toe box, when trying on slides and sandals, you only need to be aware of your foot length and the tightness of the foot strap.

Strap measurements: Sandals are the only type of shoe that doesn’t have a toe box. Instead, the only way they stay on is by some kind of strap. Slides have the strap that goes over the top of the foot, while sandals usually have toe holders, ankle straps, or foot straps. There’s no sure fire way of measuring this, but you want to make sure that the strap isn’t too tight, but also not too loose. There should be a few centimeters of space between the top of your foot and the slide strap to ensure comfort.

Slides and other sandals are great too, because there is such a wide variety of them. Finding your perfect open-toed shoe is relatively easy, and you have basically an unlimited selection. Anything from basic green slides to patterned slides, you can find whatever you’d like!

Even though these sizing tips aren’t fool-proof, they’re a great starting point. Again, since cuts and sizes differ based on brands, be sure to try on at least two or three sizes that are close to your actual measurement. That way, you’ll be able to find the most perfect fit for you.

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