Guide to Learn About the Latest Trends of Flower Girl at A Wedding Party

A flower girl holds a special significance at any wedding event. These girls precede the bride and accompany her on the aisle. A flower girl is a girl who wears a dress that complements the theme of the wedding occasion and also the dress of the bride.

What are the ideal age for a ring bearer and flower girl?
A ring bearer and flower girl in flower girl dresses look captivating and beautiful in a wedding. Their age usually falls between three and seven. If you are selecting younger girls for this purpose, then a buddy system will work best for you. This is good as girls tend to get nervous and shy during such grand gatherings.

It is also advised that parents of younger girls sit close to the entrance on the aisle. So, when these girls dressed in lovely dresses see their parents, it takes away their hesitation and gives them confidence. Also, once they perform their duties, they can sit with their parents.

How to choose the best flower girl for the wedding occasion?
The selection of a flower girl gets difficult when you have to choose between a couple of nieces and nephews for this occasion. This can be a bit of a challenging task. You can easily include more than 2 kids in the celebration. You can keep one girl for scattering petals and another one to carry the bride’s train.

To ensure that the girls you choose as a flower girl to perform their part well, it is needed that you consider their personalities and ages. Younger girls who are less than three years tend to get shy and hide under a pew. As you don’t want that to happen, you need to acquire knowledge about the traits and quirks of the girls and how well they fit into the wedding-day scene.

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Another important thing that you need to consider while selecting a flower girl is their experience. If you have two options with you, one is a girl that has experience as a flower girl in two-three weddings and the other one who is a novice in this task, then it is obvious to go for the experienced one.

How to make the other girls at the wedding feel happy and special?
If you have a few more kids at the wedding function who are not participating in the actual wedding occasion, then you can plan some activities for them. Not just it will keep them busy but also entertained and happy.

You can give them a flower crown, boutonniere and corsage to wear all through the day. Children who are a little older can be assigned the task of junior and usher attendant. You need to dress them a little different from the ring bearer and flower girl. These toddler flower girl dresses are available many types of designs.

Selection of a flower girl for a wedding occasion is not easy. Above information would help you select the right one and make your wedding grand and memorable.

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