Virtual Reels as a Gaming Alternative

Video Games are cool and relaxing, but at some point you might get bored of the traditional games. Yes, there are some cool games which always bring something new like GTA V, but honestly, they bring updates quite rarely and it’s really annoying to keep on waiting just to play something new.

Play Some Catchy Games!
There’s also the option of playing games on your mobile. There are tons of apps with cool strategy games or RPG games which are quite fascinating. They’re also very catchy, for example Clash of Clans. It’s such a simple game but so many people play it because it’s catchy.

If you don’t like this option, then you could always try free slots. These little games are very interesting and easy to play. They feature different themes and also, they’re full of surprise features! If you haven’t played slots before, they have a long and beautiful history which you will surely want to read about.

The History of Slots
It all started in New York when Sittman and Pitt, developed an interesting gaming machine. This machine had a very simple mechanism behind it, this being the reason why people started loving these machines.

For a short description, this machine had 5 reels with poker symbols. So, basically this game followed the simple rules of poker. Yet, this game was not very popular, but another slot machine, more simplistic was the real thing. This new simple device appeared on the other side of the continent, in California to be more precise. This time, the machine had just 3 reels and simple symbols like the golden bell or the classic horseshoe.

Later, this machine became so popular, you were able to find it in most of the bars or even in some restaurants. In the end, casinos introduced these slot machines to their customers, but much more improved.

Now, you can find them very digitized and even as an online option which many people prefer over the classic machines found in casinos. We believe Sittman and Pitt did a great job with their invention. They’ve made so many people happy by entertaining them with their gamble machine.

Where Do You Play Slot Games?
These games can be found in special online platforms, you might have heard them being called “online casinos”. Online casinos, as gaming platforms, grew very much in the past few years. If you haven’t played these games until now, try the popular versions: Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot, Lord of the Ocean. There are also new slots every month but these might be the most popular.

Not all the slots are the same, however, they come from different providers. Each provider has their own unique style, unique graphics and unique symbols. See if you can find the one which suits you better.

Gamers, now it’s your chance to discover something new and entertain yourself in a new and fascinating way. It’s useless to talk about these games if you’re not willing to try them. Surely, you can try any game you want, but you should give slot games a chance, they’re nice and you will find yourself entertained for hours!

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